Intelligent modularisation and preassembly strategies significantly reduce hours on site and task complexity, leading to cost, schedule, and safety improvements.

Our team develops bespoke modularisation solutions tailored to your project needs. Ongoing and active engagement with the constructor ensures optimal sequencing and installation efficiency onsite.


Intelligent modularisation

Our modularised solutions ensure best-for-project outcomes. Sage advice and proper planning are key to successfully delivering skid-mounted solutions; 2D and 3D solutions; ‘dumb’ and ‘smart’ multi-disciplinary modularised solutions; or packaged equipment solutions.

Construction efficiencies

A fully modularised solution is not always right, or even possible, for every project. Our 'constructor mindset' ensures a modularisation strategy is developed for every project to optimises both delivery and construction efficiency.

Overcoming industry challenges

While modularised delivery solutions offer significant benefits to projects with constrained labour and demanding schedules, transport sector volatility means it’s more important than ever to ensure modularisation and preassembly strategies are properly evaluated by our experienced teams.

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