An Inteforge project always begins with the end in mind. How a project is delivered is never an afterthought but a key value driver offering opportunity to lift schedule performance and shift site productivity. Our services include the planning and delivery of loose, preassembled and modularised material to project sites globally by ocean, air or road transportation. Benefit from our experience in specialist heavy lift vessels, barge operations and roll-on-roll-off logistics optimised from the beginning.


In-house transport frame design

Owned flat-racks and in-house transport frame design capabilities mean safer, easier more effective loading.

Strategically located workshops

Inteforge workshops are located near ports, enabling efficient scheduling of ships and the movement of materials.

Detailed upfront planning

Turn to Inteforge to manage stowage plans, lift studies, specialised package and transport frames, transport management planning, route surveys, customs and permits, and strategic vessel selection.

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