Fabrication excellence is the beating heart of our business. Every process and system within Inteforge converges to deliver high-quality, world-class fabrication on time, every time.

Our work packaging methodology has been developed specifically to handle large projects with demanding schedules. Production planning methods are based on years of experience and follow proven risk mitigation strategies. Our flexible and responsive delivery model optimises work split between local and offshore delivery centres to ensure best for project outcomes.

We have the people, systems, capacity and capability to deliver your project.


International codes and standards

Our people are qualified to work to numerous international codes and standards. With over 1,200 weld procedures all welding is carried out as per project specified codes and standards.

Non-destructive testing and examination

We engage accredited, independent third-party NDE and mechanical testing companies. Progressive monitoring and sampling practices are always followed for NDT.

Surface treatment

All surface treatment is overseen by NACE 2/3 inspectors and supervisors including galvanising, high build paint systems, marine and offshore paint systems, inorganic zinc systems, rubber lining, and fireproofing.

Data management

In-house developed databases with shop floor barcode recording enable progress to be reported down to piece mark, material traceability, production monitoring, delivery tracking to site and material control at site.

Planning and delivery

Our long-term, highly experienced team oversees the planning and delivery of fabricated material with consideration of assemblies, shrinkage, distortion and surface treatment. We incorporate a high degree of trial assembly for 100% confidence that design, detailing or fabrication errors are captured prior to release.

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