The production of shop fabrication drawings is a crucial interface for project success. We integrate seamlessly with the engineer to mitigate the risk of schedule slippage.

Throughout the detailing process, our design coordinators sit with the engineer to streamline design clarifications; while also coordinating extensively with the constructor to plan, sequence, and package the project in a way that suits site requirements.

Our mature process flows and use of market-leading design software produce intelligent deliverables and integrated, multidiscipline models that incorporate metadata needed to meet your digital twin requirements.


Design requirements

Our integrated approach clarifies design requirements efficiently and aligns production to engineering and construction dates. Doing so optimises sequencing, packing and delivery to site, thereby reducing double-handling and risk of delayed work fronts.


Integration of pipe routing, supports, brackets, grating, handrail, vendor equipment, instrument placement, cable routing, cable tray/ladder, instrument tubing route, valve orientations, and work platforms into the model—and then at the workshop—eliminates significant hours on site.

Improved logistics

Detailing support for transport and grillage steelwork, lift studies, and specialised project requirements simplifies getting the job to site. Planned modularisation and preassembly strategies ensure travel envelopes and site resources are considered early and often.

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