Our story

With over 15 years’ experience, our execution philosophy and technical know-how converge to accelerate high-quality delivery outcomes.

Our results and reputation have established us as a reliable partner and supplier of quality fabricated solutions. As a wholly owned subsidiary of the Monadelphous Group, we were established to respond to the needs of the Australian resources industry and born from a construction environment.

Forward-thinking by nature, we’ve evolved and reimagined what it means to be a fabricator. Expanding our reach to global markets and building out our service model, we now focus on upstream integration to provide turnkey engineering, fabrication, and technology.

Inteforge is transforming industries to drive a new era of growth and development

How we work

Our approach to health, safety and environment is an integral part of our culture, embedded at all levels within our business systems and processes. We strive for the ultimate goal of zero harm, demonstrated by our exceptional safety performance, cohesive systems and behavioural-based safety approach.

Why Inteforge

Turnkey engineering and fabrication for industrial infrastructure.



Collaboration is key to successful delivery and solving problems. Bringing technical expertise and experience to every job, we partner with you to develop optimal project solutions and deliver superior project outcomes.

End-to-end management

Get an integrated service combined with deep logistics experience for door-to-door turnkey delivery capabilities. We add value to your project by providing cost, quality and schedule certainty on every job.


As a global fabricator, an Inteforge-built and delivered project is guaranteed to meet specifications and adhere to the most stringent international codes and standards.

Flexible collaboration

We work with engineers, suppliers and constructors to mitigate interface risks and optimise sequencing and installation efficiencies on site. In addition, we augment our production facilities with long-term partners to offer a scalable and flexible delivery model.

Reliably responsive

We manage all aspects of project execution from design completion to delivery on site, working flexibly to optimise your project supply chain and delivery model. Experienced teams and flexible systems respond quickly to change.

Safe, always

Safety is central to everything we do. Intelligent changes improve safety outcomes on site, and ISO-accredited management systems deliver industry-leading safety performance on every job.

Shaping future industries

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